Review: Alexis Fawx’s ‘High As Fawx’ Variety Show

This month, fans of adult performer Alexis Fawx were rewarded by a showcase movie from Elegant Angel in which the MILF perfomer takes the gloves off and delivers a number of hardcore firsts. But there is so much more to Fawx than meets the eye, as she has been proving at a series of variety shows taking place in Los Angeles.

Tonight (Sept. 25) Fawx offers up the latest in her “High as Fawx” series, taking place at El Cid, an iconic Spanish-style restaurant/nightclub venue on Sunset Boulevard. AVN was fortunate enough to enjoy the last show, which took place Aug. 14.

After the long descent down the stairway leading from the street level to the club down below, guests emerged into the outdoor courtyard at El Cid, where Fawx had tables set up to display wares from her sponsors. Given the name of the show, it is not surprising that some of these have been 420-friendly brands, but the door is open for any company looking for a creative event to build brand awareness. Fawx was busily greeting arrivals, but she took a little time out to chat about how she came to start this variety show, which gives Angelenos a sampling of various talents: comedians, spoken-word artists, rappers and dancers.

A 2018 AVN Awards nominee for MILF Performer of the Year, Fawx has been shooting scenes since 2010 and is closing in on the 400 mark. She is also a social media powerhouse, with 282,000 followers on Twitter and 760,000 on Instagram. And she has added an Instagram account for the new show as well (HighAsFawx).

Fawx got into the adult industry by answering a Craiglist ad, and her entrée into comedy came about just as randomly. She was watching comedian Ricky Leis do routine at a local show, and he made a joke about the industry—and it happened to be about a scene that Fawx herself was in. “Hi, I was that girl,” she told Leis after the show, and they became social media buddies. Then some months back he asked Fawx if she wanted to host and produce her own comedy and variety show. The answer was a big yes—followed by a little stage fright, which she still admits to having. “This is me showing my courage,” she told the audience at the Aug. 14 show.

That evening got started with an improve set by Jamie Gaul and Drew DiFonzo Marks from the Upright Citizens Brigade, who warmed up the audience by peppering Fawx with on questions about her life and then doing bits based on her answers. The audience learned Fawx likes to paint, take pictures, write and work in the garden. And of course they also asked the inevitable: “What’s your worst experience on set?” Fawx said, “All kinds of things can happen on set. There are all kinds of body fluids that can fly out. You’re always doing body checks.” That phrase came into play in the first skit, in which Fawx played a job applicant Target. “How proficient are you at body checks?” she is asked. “At a Target there are usually lots and lots of fluids flying around.”

Several comedians followed, doing sets in rapid succession. Female comic Sam Grody drew a lot of laughs from the ladies with material about dating. “I’m 28 and my eggs are drying up,” she said, as she enumerates various dating challenges, such as the date who decided to do anal without telling her (“you have to signal before you change lanes”). Grody summed it up: “Dating in your late 20s, it’s kind of like dress shopping at your favorite discount store. You’re like no, no, no, no—I’ll just fuck something I already have. What’s Jared from high school doing?”

But laughter wasn’t the only reaction from the crowd, who oohed and aahed as Lamonte Goode, founder of Cyberyoga, performed graceful, acrobatic moves. His set left comedian Joe DeRosa saying, “I can’t follow that. That was gorgeous.” But follow it he did with a very funny routine about being asked to give a semen sample at the doctor’s office. “You want me to go whack off in the public mens room? All along I thought that was a felony.”

Drew Lynch treated the audience to his quirky material, teasing the crowd, “Is this a wake? Who died? … You’re all spread out like you fought beforehand.” Lynch also frankly acknowledged his stutter, using it to comic effect: “Some people find it jarring …. I prefer to think you get the joke and also the remix.”

Several other performers graced the show, including Justin James of Spike TV, Las Vegas comedian Tom Bomb and rapper Snap Murphy. And Fawx’s partner, Ricky Leis, also did a short set that focused on dating (a woman with a brain tumor stopped dating him because “life’s too short”).

Perhaps the best-known performer was Jamie Kennedy, with more than a hundred credits on IMDB. When he wasn’t razzing the audience, Kennedy joked about his career and fame in general. Riffing on Fawx mentioning his recent appearance in Tremors 6, Kennedy asked, “How many of you didn’t know there was a Tremors 5? … I’m going to be doing these things until I’m 80. Till I have actual tremors.”

Kennedy kept people laughing with his impressions, imitating Matthew McConaughey (“He won an Oscar for being skinny”) doing a scene where he rapes Bradley Cooper. And he also dipped into the well of relationship humor, saying he no longer wanted to go out on dates: “I want sex to be like streaming: on demand and in my living room.”

But for a night of entertainment like this one, you’ve got to leave the living room. To find out details for tonight’s show, click here.

by Sharan Street

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