High As Fawx Show Podcast – Episode 60: Gustavo Turner

https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/highasfawx/Episode_60-Gustavo_Turner.mp3?dest-id=2312207Recorded at the XBIZ Content Creators convention in Miami, FL. We interviewed Gustavo Turner, News Editor at XBIZ. He explains what XBIZ is and talks about current events affecting the adult industry. You can find more information about the adult industry at xbiz.com and follow Gustavo Turner at https://highasfawxshow.com/performer/gustavo-turner/

High As Fawx Show Podcast – Episode 59: John Legendary, Armani Black, and Isiah Maxwell

https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/highasfawx/Episode59John_Legendary_Armani_Black_and_Isiah_Maxwell.mp3?dest-id=2312207On location in Miami, FL for XBIZ Creators Convention. We have guests John Legendary, Armani Black, and Isiah Maxwell. We discussed how they started performing to how they create content with other creators. Follow John Legendary at https://highasfawxshow.com/performer/john-legendary/ Armani Black at https://highasfawxshow.com/performer/armani-black/ Isiah Maxwell at https://highasfawxshow.com/performer/isiah-maxwell/

High As Fawx Show Podcast – Episode 57: Sarah Arabic

https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/highasfawx/Episode_57_-_Sarah_Arabic.mp3?dest-id=2312207Recorded in Miami, FL at the XBIZ Content Creators convention. Sarah Arabic is our guest and she shares her story on how she started doing adult content. You can find her links at https://highasfawxshow.com/performer/sarah-arabic/ About the Show: The High As Fawx Show. Hosted by adult film star Alexis Fawx and her best friend Asian Joe.Continue Reading

High As Fawx Show Podcast – Episode 54: Mazee the Goat and Carmela Clutch

https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/highasfawx/Episode_54_-_Mazee_the_Goat_and_Carmela_Clutch.mp3?dest-id=2312207Mazee the Goat and Camela Clutch are adult performers. Both share their experiences growing up and their path into content creating and adult films. They are also a couple and share their thoughts/experiences being together while also being adult performers. You can find Mazee the Goat’s links at https://beacons.ai/mazeethegoat and Carmela Clutch at linktr.ee/carmela_clutch

High As Fawx Show Podcast – Episode 53: Tanya Tate

https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/highasfawx/Episode_53_-_Tanya_Tate.mp3?dest-id=2312207Tanya Tate is an award winning adult performer, writer, director, and publicist. Host of the Skinfluencer Success Podcast. We talk about her time living in the UK and moving to the US as a performer. Follow Tanya on twitter at https://twitter.com/TanyaTate and IG https://www.instagram.com/tanyatatexo/ and other social media accounts at https://linktr.ee/tanyatate

High As Fawx Show Podcast – Episode 52: Dan and Suzanne Ferrari

https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/highasfawx/Episode_52_-_Dan_and_Suzanne_Ferrari.mp3?dest-id=2312207Dan and Suzanne Ferrari is our guest. They are a married couple working in the adult industry. They run “Slut Inspection” and film together where Dan performs with other female talent while Suzanne plays a “cuck” queen as she films them. We talk about how they manage to stay married while working in the adultContinue Reading

High As Fawx Show Podcast – Episode 51: Hemper

https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/highasfawx/Episode_51_Hemper.mp3?dest-id=2312207A special podcast with Hemper, a smoking subscription box & headshops company. We have Florin Howey, Director of Business Development and Angel Ferrer, Chief Marketing and Technology Officer as our guests. Angel talks about the history of Hemper, dealing with supply chain issues, and how they come up with unique bong designs. Florin is aContinue Reading